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Shaqui Scott is the Manager of Grants and Membership for the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. Guided by values of equity, integrity, and creativity he educates, administrates, facilitates, and distributes funds for three grant programs, one scholarship program, and a reimbursement fund. Additionally, he is responsible for all membership activities at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. In his time at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Shaqui has become the regional representative to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s grant programs for the arts and implemented a new grant program across 10-counties in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Outside of work, Shaqui is a professional musician, creative writer, comedian, and entrepreneur. His creative handle is Shaqui Shaqui or SLS. Also, Shaqui is an avid chess player. He plays 3 to 20 chess games a day. If you challenge him to a game of chess, you will lose!

Shaqui’s educational background includes an M.B.A. with a focus in management and a B.A. in music and business from Seton Hill University located in Greensburg, Pa.

Shaqui scott

Manager of Grants and Membership


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